Certified Translation Services In Singapore

As a certified translation agency located in Raffles Place, Eureka Translations Pte Ltd
is not just about converting from one language to another, whether written or verbal,
but also bringing your ideas to life. 80% of our works revolve around four of the major
world languages, namely English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


Suppose you need to organise a multi-lingual MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions), conduct a business discussion or training in two or more languages, or need a linguist to attend court, arbitration, or mediation to assist on language issues.

In that case, our agency will assign the best translation consultant that will meet your needs.

If you need to organise a multi-lingual MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions), conducting a business discussion or training in two or more languages, or just looking for a linguist to attend court, arbitration, or mediation to assist on language issues, our translation agency will assign the best linguist that will meet your needs.

If you have an AV clip but you cannot read what is being said, our translation consultants are here to lend a hand. Be it an audio recording or a proprietary movie or video, our translation company team can put them down in words for your audio clip or subtitles for your video clip.

As part of our professional translation services, our team can help lay out your menu, document, eBook, presentation, or point-of-sale display. Our translation services in Singapore include presenting a translated document exactly the same as the source together with the background, graphics, and images.

If you have already translated your ideas into products, we, as a translation service provider, can help translate your corporate image into a market-oriented, customer-focused corporate video, complete with subtitles as a bonus.

The product is out, the performance is superb, and the price is right. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. We do not just provide professional language translation services; we can also get that picture out for you, to add the “picture” and make it product, performance, price and picture.

企业合作伙伴 お得意先 고객사


翻译词数 翻訳した文字数 번역된 글자 수

No. of Translated Words


Eureka Translations Pte Ltd is a certified translation service provider that offers prompt and precise service in various languages and media so that you stay connected with your partners and clients.  

Our certified translation company is well-versed in languages and content creation. Moreover, we utilise writing, linguistics, and translation strategies and techniques to provide professional translation services. Visit us at Raffles Place to engage our translation services today.

翻译领域 翻訳分野 산업분야


Language Translation Singapore

Legal and Finance

Legal documents used for normative, informative, or judicial purposes such as laws, statutes, court decisions, contracts, agreement, etc. Financial documents such as annual reports, fund fact sheets, prospectus, tenders and bids, audit reports, etc.

Translation Agency Singapore

Medical and Life Sciences

Medical and healthcare-related documents such as prescription drug instructions, medical information brochures, medical articles in magazines and journals, clinical trials, patents, diagnosis reports, and medical transcriptions.

Translation Service Singapore

Manufacturing and Technology

Instruction manuals, operating manuals, standard operating procedures (SOP), work instructions, work procedures, equipment specifications, safety manuals, safety instructions, emergency plans, corporate rules and regulations, etc.

Professional Translation Services Singapore

M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)

Materials that are used to facilitate the conduct of M.I.C.E., including tourism, such as information brochures, pamphlets, exhibits, handouts, guidebooks, and those requiring the relevant subject matter expertise.

Translation Service Provider Singapore

Media, Arts, and Entertainment

Games, subtitling, corporate videos, training videos, movie or film scripts, literary works, editorials, newspaper articles, advertising content, magazine articles, and those requiring the relevant subject matter expertise.

Translation Agency Raffles Place

Training and Education

Presentation slides, handouts, workbooks, assignments, drills, exercises, training aids such as books, articles, and those requiring the relevant subject matter expertise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    While most professional industries will need to engage a translation company to communicate with global audiences, here are some of the sectors that have heavily utilised translation in their businesses:

    1. Finance & Banking: Banks and other financial institutions will need to fit in with the local markets worldwide, especially when transactions occur between countries. Hence, the presence of translations can remove the language barrier.


    2. Education: Translations can create and maintain a worldwide network for scientists, researchers, educators, and trainers to learn from each other and improve.


    3. Art & Entertainment: This field relies on the global distribution of its works. Hence, they need the help of translators to spread their books, movies, or games worldwide.

    As an established translation service provider in Singapore, Eureka Translations Pte Ltd prides itself on delivering professional, high-quality translations. 

    We know that machine translations would not be able to express foreign words, phrases with double meanings, or different grammatical structures adequately. 

    Therefore, to ensure that none of the text is lost in translation, we engage certified native speakers to translate the sources.

    While we do offer translations for most languages, four of them (English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) are the most common and popular for the following reasons: 

    English: It is the most spoken language in the world, with around 1.5 billion people having some degree of fluency in it. Although Singapore has four official languages, namely, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English, our national language is Malay, and the language used in official communications with foreign countries and daily business within Singapore is English.  

    Chinese: The number of Chinese language speakers is approximately 1.3 billion, so translating to or from Chinese opens up a more extensive business market.

    Japanese & Korean: Both these countries are known for their diverse industries, commerce, and advanced technologies, not to mention pop culture. Similarly, translating to or from Japanese and Korean ensures another substantial reach in terms of business and culture. The total number of speakers of these two languages is approximately 200 million.

    While the translation depends on the industry content (e.g. casual or legal), target language, and the total amount of words required, our translation agency in Singapore has a standard one-day delivery for projects that are around 2000 words. 

    If you have a large-volume project sent to our office at Raffles Place, we may have to split the work between at least three translation consultants to meet the standard deadline. Additional charges will be incurred for the translation services if you need them done faster.