About The Company

Eureka Translations in Singapore

Your one-stop service for all translation activities,

whether word to word, verbal to verbal, verbal to word, or ideas to word, audio-video, and/or graphics.

Our executives are themselves practitioners of languages, polyglots, skilled writers, content creators, or designers who previously worked full-time or are now freelancing as translators or interpreters, video editors, or graphic designers.

Having had experiences working with clients in many industries for at least 50 years between them, they understand our clients’ need for “Prompt, Precise and Peerless” translation services.

We avoid using machine translation since it does not provide the equivalent rhetoric or semantics associated with native culture and norms. Our videos and publications are innovatively created with proprietary ideas and contents seamlessly edited to meet your needs. Once our translation products are passed over to you, you get to retain the copyright.

Brand Promise

Unique Selling Point and Value Proposition

Why choose Eureka Translations? What is our unique selling point (USP) and value proposition? In addition to translating any official languages of the United Nations member states, our USP is delivering mass-market products based on the Pareto Principle, or the 80-20 rule, where 80% of our products cater to a small select group of languages, i.e. English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Goods and services from countries with these as source languages dominate world trade and economy. Getting your message across in these languages effectively brings at least 80% of the global audience to your doorstep.

Value Proposition

We are:

We overdeliver on our promises. We meet all pre-agreed deadlines. Our clients understand the typical speed of translators, video creators/editors, and publishers to generate output that is precise and peerless.

We do not use machine translation. Our contents come from the firing of neurons in the brains of our creative and innovative team. That is as precise as it can get.

Being lean and nimble, we are unmatched in our cost-competitiveness and quality assurance. COVID-19 has chanced us to further help our clients stay competitive. We have downsized our office space, allowing majority of our team, except video creation, to work from home.

Our team have earned accolades from many clients. We continue to leverage this strength to expand the company into a customer-centric, award-winning organisation.

Technologies are here for us to embrace to make us more prompt, precise, peerless, and prized. We take advantage of the government initiatives and grants to future-proof our processes, including employing AI and deep learning.

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