Refund Policy

1. Upon payment, no refund shall be made. However, if we reply to you that we are unable to meet your requirements or undertake your expected tasks due to any and all applicable reasons whatsoever, we shall refund the amount already paid.

2. Our team of professional and proven linguists are highly sought after, and all our project assignments are allocated on a first-come first served basis. In the event that we are unable to secure any of their services due to reasons including, but not limited to, ongoing assignments to meet your expected deadlines, the refund shall be administered on any business day at the soonest possible.

3. We shall promptly send you a Notice of Refund within one business day of our reply referred to in Clause 1 above, stating the reason(s) for the refund, the amount to be refunded, and the transaction reference number, if any, of the financial institution administering the refund.

4. Local refunds by any financial institution usually take three to five business days. International refunds by the same may take up to seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days.

5. In the unlikely event of a dispute in connection with the refund, we shall resolve it through amicable discussion. If the discussion leads to a stalemate or an impasse, it shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and submitted for mediation at the Singapore International Mediation Centre (, with the award deemed final and binding on all parties to the mediation.

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