Video Editing

Ideas can be translated. Yes, in audio and visual formats. Imagine that you have just had your company brochure translated and website localised. Whether your company is a start-up or has been around for some time in the industry, a corporate video is usually one of the best ways to explain what your company does quickly and clearly. Let us translate your product and services into a corporate video. Need to improve on an existing corporate video? Let us edit it.


  • Corporate introduction video
  • Product or usage demonstration video
  • Video of manufacturing of production processes
  • Video of any M.I.C.E segment
  • VIP/Guest visits, opening ceremonies, etc.
  • Party events such as wedding, birthday, corporate cohesion event, etc.


Video creation and editing may be charged per second or per minute run. Factors determining the cost thereof include:

  • Video resolution and format
  • Subtitling requirements
  • Proprietary images and/or procured images
  • Equipment and aids to be used
  • Inclusive of a maximum of two edits based on client feedback

Look at these case studies to see if any of them suits your needs Please call us or fill out our contact form for a discussion

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