We Value Quality

Nothing goes out to the customers or clients without any quality control and quality assurance. We understand the importance of having a disciplined system supported by standard operating procedures.

Eureka Translations is in the process of working with a consultant to obtain ISO certification. At the same time, we have an established Process Quality Management and Product Realisation System gleaned from ISO 9001 to ensure that standards are complied with while ISO certification is under way. All these are intended to avoid embarrassing situations such as the examples showed in Lost in Cheap Translation.

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Eureka Translations is in the process of engaging an ISO consultant to prepare for ISO Quality Certification.

While procedures are already in place to handle customer enquiries and manage the in-process and outgoing quality, we believe that we still have room for improvement. Indeed, continuous improvement is the nature of our business.

We serve a diverse range of customers from a wide variety of industries. Each one of them may have constructive inputs that allow us to pile improvements upon improvements.

With the impending ISO Certification, Eureka Translations will be better placed to serve any customer from around the world.

Step 1: Customer Enquiries

  • Language Pair
  • Turnaround time
  • Source Format
  • Word Count 

Step 2: Acceptance of Quote

  • Selection of professional(s)
  • Prepare schedule

Step 3: Review of Documents

  • Selected professional(s)

Step 4: Processing for Output (include DTP, if any)

  • Any one or more services (e.g. translation + DTP, copywriting + DTP, etc.), Internal progress updates, Internal validation (including proofreading, copy-editing)

Step 5: Customer’s Review

  • Repeat from Step 3, if necessary
  • Prepare for delivery

Step 6: Customer’s Approval & Delivery

  • Mode of delivery (urgency)
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Follow-up

Step 7: Project Closure

  • After-sales service


Quality always comes at a price. Corporate image should never be a victim of cheap translation.

Many unreliable, non-native or underpaid professionals resort to online translation tools to quickly complete their work to increase their job volumes and recoup their losses. Often, these are done at the expense of customers. Would you want this to happen to you and your company?